2K Subs Monetized Channel TOP USA UK AUS - Comedy Niche

Amount of subscribers: 2.2K
Country of subscribers (majority): US UK AUS
Topic/Niche: Comedy
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: Made a channel back in 2020 in Comedy Niche, and is monetized since then. I do not have much time to invest into this, which is why I am looking to sell this channel.
Makes around 20$ a month, without posting any content. Although I have around 40-50 audio clips that can be used as content if you plan on keeping the same niche / topic. Lifetime earnings are about 260$.

The channel is free of any copyright strike and community strike.

hello bro am interested in the channel can you sent me the url

Hi, please send the link :pray:

Sorry I don’t receive your channel link please send to me :pray:

hello am interested in the channel sent me the link

Interested, could you send me the link? Thanks!

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