2x GOOGLE NEWS APPROVED Websites | Premium Domains | Long Term Passive Income

Domain name: http://www.startupfortune.com/ | http://www.leaguefinals.com/

Website included?: YES
Price: 2800$ Each Website


Hi, I’m selling these two passive income streams.
Both the domains worth 1300$ & 1600$, according to godaddy domain appraisal.

To earn from google news approved website all you have to do is to check Google trends daily and write 15 to 20 unique articles per day and your site will rank on top automatically because it’s google news approved website which will bring the organic traffic to your site.

Owning News Websites gives you the following benefits Brand Awareness, Fewer efforts on SEO, Better traffic, Added benefits from Google, Increased Links, Instant Article Indexing, Authority Status, Improved Organic Traffic

If you’re not a writer yourself then you’re gonna need to hire a writer.
Writing good quality 20+ and proper keywords articles a day can make you anywhere between $1k to 2k$

These two are newly approved news sites with original and unique content containing high search volume keywords.

If you’re not into this and doesn’t want to be dependent on fb or ig anymore or if you want to make another passive income stream for a lifetime then purchase it right awayy!! Cause it’s going to be hard in future to approve these sites and then the prices and value will skyrocket.

To Monetise these sites you can use google adsense, media net , clickbank or other affiliate networks. But adsense works best of all!

Pm me for more details
This sale includes: domain, google news approved website with high quality unique articles



Hi, not trying to ruin a sale. But these domains worth hand-reg fee, NEVER look at Goddady appraisal tool for an appraisal as this means nothing and most domains get a great appraisal there with no reason at all.

Im commenting this because potential buyers will look at that thinking that the domains worth that much while they arent.

Do you have a proof to this claim? Sounds too good to be true.

Thank you

I haven’t done it for myself but i have friends and i know a group of people who are working on it and making lots of money.

I can post my friend’s results but I don’t think that’s good.

Also the earnings depends on how trending topics & keywords you use and how high quality articles you’re posting.

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Nice asset for sale. Google news approval is worth a good amount in it self. A good foundation for someone wanting to start ahead of the rest for a news site.

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Drop your offers in the DM if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

Support after sale will be provided too!


Question - How do I get my existing domains to become Google news approved?

Just appeal if you’r website follow all the requrments you will be approved

Never applied, just wondering how I get it. We publish on Instant Articles, would really like to get the Google approval. Any tips?

Instant articles and google news it’s not the same, you can apply only if you have news website, just go to google news and add your website it will take sometime to them to check and approve if your website is good news source

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