3.260 Subs Monetized Gaming Niche YouTube Channel



Amount of subscribers: 3.260
Country of subscribers (majority): India, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic Subs Views

Description: Only serious buyer please.






pmed u






send link


Can you send the link?


pm sent

pm sent


Please sent the link


pm sent


Overpriced in my opinion.


Price is fair in my opinion, although I wouldn’t pay it.

Monetized channels sell for $300 a pop everywhere I’ve seen them. In recent times I’ve seen them going for less but they’re all botted and have a high risk of getting deleted by YouTube.


The demographics aren’t advertiser friendly, low paying.
Also without 4000 hours watch time in 2019 this channel can easily be demonetized.


400 is asking for too much
i have one with the same amount of subs if i were to sell it ( don’t want to)
it wouldn’t have been that much






Can you send me channel URL and price

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