#3 Verified Tiktok Account with High Engagement on YOUR USERNAME and NAME! - [$1100]

Get yourself a Verified TikTok Account with High Engagement and elevate your online presence to a whole new level! :star2:

Country of followers (majority): Organic
Amount of fans/followers: 16k
Topic/Niche: Verified

Self verified account, fully secured - on your desired username and name! No chance of losing the badge!

Account was fully verified by me and itโ€™s fresh. After uploading a few videos they all went viral - screenshots below

  • Fully secured
  • No phone linked
  • Comes on with OGE and everything - can be changed to your email ofc.
  • Provided on your desired username (no risk of revert or losing the badge)
  • Provided on your desired name (no risk of revert or losing the badge)

Payment method:

  • crypto via SWAPD ticket only

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any accounts with creativity beta?