$30,000 Finder's Fee Opportunity

Find a buyer & earn up to $30K. PM for details.

Unique Startup with 10,974 Users for Sale

Sharing a high-commission opportunity awaiting those who can find a buyer for a link-in-bio startup. This startup has demonstrated rapid growth and occupies a distinctive position in the market. As the broker for this deal, I’m reaching out to professionals within the startup ecosystem who possess the networks to secure a buyer who comprehends the value and potential of this venture.

- User Growth: Going from zero to 10,000 users in just 30 days, the startup’s user growth rate is impressive.
- Innovative Technology: Built on unique technology, the platform stands out from competitors.
- Acclaim: It earned the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, showcasing market validation and user interest.
- Active Engagement: With over 1 million page views and a strong social media presence, it signals a highly attractive brand.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Market Differentiator: The startup’s technology isn’t just another link-in-bio tool; it incorporates a unique technology no competitor possesses.
  • Early Market Entry: Being an early entrant with a novel approach, the startup is poised to capture and lead its market segment.

Investment Appeal:
This startup is an investor’s dream with its rapid traction from 0 to 10K users, indicating potential for exponential growth and return on investment. Notably, there are rare exit opportunities, most likely through acquisition by a larger company like Linktree, which has acquired two other bio link companies in the past 100 days. Alternatively, there is high potential for future rounds of VC funding, presenting a clear path for a substantial valuation.

For example, Beacons, a link-in-bio company, raised $29.2 million. They secured $2.6 million shortly after boasting only “20K active users,” a metric Seemless undoubtedly reached. Or Komi, a link-in-bio company supported by the music industry, raised a total of $18 million in funding while never disclosing user numbers. Finally, Hoobe, a company that has also never disclosed user numbers but can be assumed to be similar to this startup, has raised $6 million.


  • Pre-Revenue Stage: The startup is in a pre-revenue phase, having dedicated a year to developing its product, which launched on January 10th. The startup has not introduced paid plans, prioritizing growth and development for ideal pre-seed positioning and VC investment.
  • Sale Type: This sale is ideal for investors experienced in developing startups and seeking opportunities to nurture growth or secure pre-seed funding.


  • Asking Price: The founder received a $42K offer & declined. Any offer will be accepted above $49,500. They are not willing to go below that.

Finder’s Fee Structure:

  • $49,500-$59,999 sale = $10,000 finder’s fee
  • $60,000-$69,999 sale = $15,000 finder’s fee
  • $70,000-$99,999 sale = $20,000 finder’s fee
  • $100K+ sale = $30,000 finder’s fee

For more details on the startup, in-depth analytics, and direct connections to the founder, please send a PM.

Thank you.

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I might be interested in buying this startup. Can you give me more info in PM?

Yes ofc. 1 moment. We do have 1 VC in Canada, interested in funding & also have a 28k offer I have declined. Will share info here shortly.