Service type: a genuine wikipedia services
Price: 1000$

Our target to build a trust on swap so we are giving 30% discount for VIP accounts for 1st 3 orders

Wikipedia Page Writing

Our Wikipedia writers have a strong track record of successfully researching, writing, and posting articles according to Wiki standards

Our edits can be minimal or large scale. Before carrying out any edits we research around the subject to ensure that the edits will remain on the page. In-depth and accurate English editing services delivered.

Wikipedia Page Creation

We are experts in creating a Wikipedia page and provide you with top-notch articles that comply with all Wikipedia standards, and represent your company in a positive, but objective, manner

Don’t worry! Our job is not over just by providing you the content and creating the page. We would regularly maintain your page so that you don’t face hassles later on.

Wikipedia Page Translation

With our Wikipedia translation services, the existing Wikipedia page can be taken and uploaded in the language of your choice.

Why Is It Important To Create Your Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is considered to be the most referenced and world’s largest tool. As compared to LinkedIn and Twitter, Wikipedia enjoys more traffic. The Wiki links show up on the 1st page of Google 97 percent of the time. Yes, we at Wikipedia Experts know that your online promotion is incomplete without Wikipedia.

Before hiring an agency for increasing your visibility on Wikipedia, you might have made attempts for managing the page personally with the help of a PR agency. But, only at Wikipedia Experts, we know that the rules of Wikipedia are contradictory, vague and complex. A lot of patience is needed when it comes to editorial discussions and the style of Wikipedia is quite different from the advertising and PR that the marketing professionals are accustomed to. Moreover, for novice the outcomes are pretty unpredictable. 2 aspects which make Wikipedia challenging is its unpaid-labor culture and anti-commerce.
With years of experience in this field, Wikipedia Experts have provided assistance to a majority of politicians, celebrities, NGOs, executives and major corporations. Our experts are compliant with the content policies and applicable laws of Wikipedia, thus making it pretty valuable for users.

Navigating the notoriously complex rules of Wikipedia requires extensive expertise. We only accept assignments which meet Wikipedia Notability criteria and our billing rates range from $600 to $1500 depending on complexity of the task. Whereas a few hours of work suffice for creating a short profile based on a few sources, larger assignments involve multiple profiles in multiple languages, based on numerous sources and may add up to hundreds of hours of work.

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Not a VIP but will be a VIP in few days.

I can avail this offer for 2 orders , PM me if you can choose me .

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Sent pm

Waiting on OP to see if I am eligible

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Interested to get a Wikipedia page. Kindly do brief info. Thanks

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Can brand mentions with a backlink to my website be enough for wikipedia page creation? Or you need full interview / special editorial article on the given business / website?


Not counted as reliable per wiki guideline

Seller is 0/1 so far.

User is 0/2 so far.

User delivered , got my Wiki page done by him and got delivered today .

Quality stuff !

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Thank you :blush:

Anyone ? Wants to create Wikipedia ?

Whats your rate of success and did/does the creation stick? Has prior ones you have done been removed?

I introduced this service on swap newly but yes off- site i have created s many page successfully which are live since years i can send you a list

Yes please send a list

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