300+ done! Hashtag research done for you - save hours of time and unlock the full power of Instagram



Hashstag research done for you!

Hello guys! Over the last few week it really has become clear that hashtags are the bread and butter of Instagram and will help you rank your post regardless of you utilizing f/uf/like methods.

However, finding the right hashtags to use and doing your proper research is time consuming. Here’s where I come in. I will do the research for you!

Why hashtag research?

Well, it’s the only 100% legit way to grow your account. We’ve seen a few posts here on the forum itself on how Instagram is limiting growth, but they will never touch the proper use of Hashtags.

Hashtags open up the door to unlimited reach, while with f/uf/like you can only reach 1-2000 people a day, hashtags open up the doors to the world!

Conclusion: It’s risk free! No PV’s, EV or (shadow)bans for using hashtags!

Here is what I will be offering:

  • I will collect a few hundred hashtags to use for your account, the quantity will depend on the niche and it’s popularity. The research is based on ‘related hashtags’ of the starting tags you provide. On average the research gets you anywhere between 150 and 300 hashtags.

  • The hashtags will be divided into 3 stages based on your accounts current engagement rate (based on last 10 posts): Low, Medium, High.

  • I will give you a guide on how to use the hashtags delivered for optimal efficiency.

  • Privacy, I will never share or re-sell any of the work I have done for you.

  • A Hashtag Randomizer (to facilitate easy copy paste work).

Delivery time:

Due to the time it requires to do the actual research I give myself a delivery time of 48 - 72 hours after payment. Most likely you will receive the information earlier, but I want to be clear from the start that it takes time!

Price: $45 per account.

Product Example -

Here is an example of a research study I did for one of my newer accounts (entrepreneur / motivation niche). This is the outcome of this offer. While I haven’t had any issues or complaints yet, I want to make clear what is to be expected !


This is only the raw data. It also comes with data about the top 9 posts for each hashtags (likes & comments). Apart from that you also get a 8 page ‘manual’ on how to use the sheet & hashtags.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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User verified, can deliver. Thank you!


I bought two sets of research. Overall it was a great experience. The seller delivered everything promised and on time (even though it’s the holidays and I expected potential delays).

The order came with a very detailed guide and hashtags that were all very relevant to the account/hashtags given.

I would order again for sure.


Another successful sale. Thank you for using SWAPD.


Need any success stories for this, very much interested …

How much hashtag clicks we can get by him ???


I ordered the service and I must say it is worthless.
Guy has a spreadsheet setup where he just inputs bunch of worthless hashtags and doesnt even check that the spreadsheet is full of errors. After long talk with seller he fixed the spreadsheet, I tried on some posts and
the posts did not get any clicks from these hashtags.
I tried to speak it through with him in belief he would spend couple of minutes and give me something that would perform, but he started just bullshiting me that I need to do it for weeks and then it would show results. LOL, If I pick just any random hashtags, they also give some results after weeks.

Would not suggest to anyone.


There was only 1 error in the randomize function, which i fixed within 30 mins of you reporting it.

Buyer didn’t provide any seed hashtags for research, so i did the research based on the niche and provided him 675 hashtags.

Buyer wants instant results. I tried explaining him that my job is to find the most relevant hashtags to the niche and i only predict the chances of your account ranking for a particular hashtag based on the account activity. (Considering account has all organic activity).

His account was earlier not using any hashtags before, hence i suggested him to try hashtags for few weeks then draw any conclusions. I tried explaining him, that hashtags are no magic, it’s not like you will get 1000s of impressions right from post 1 and it’s very hard to guarantee growth just on the basis of hashtags for obvious reasons and i didnt promise any of these neither in my sales thread nor anywhere else. But he thinks i was ‘Bullshiting’.

I’ve had people share results where they would get 98% of their reach using hashtags following this system, and others would just get 10%. And everything in between. It’s dependent on account, niche and instagram’s algorithm, but he doesn’t want to understand any of these.

Thanks for trying my service and leaving a review.


This guy loves to talk a lot, but is not that good at delivering results. Like I said useless service.
Topic should be called list of random hashtags you can use.