300 x Swedish Facebook pages - 9M total likes

Country of followers (majority): Sweden
Amount of followers: 9,000,000
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


I am checking if anyone would be interested in owning over 300 Swedish Fan pages with over 9M likes. The pages have been used for news website and is earning around $30-35,000 per month from Instant Articles. With video ads so can it earn more as well. Dailiy vistors is around 150,000 to 300,000, depending on how many articles you publish and how good the articles are.

If you got a big budget so please feel free to PM me.


That’s truly impressive. Especially considering that Sweden has only 9.9 Mio. inhabitants. Good luck with the sale.


Would not say all likes is Unique, only that the 300 pages got a total of 9m likes together and thanks!

I would not expect that. Probably there are not even 9 Mio Swedish users online (children, elderly). So surely there are duplicates, triplicates etc. But this is a massive amount of people in Sweden :smiley:

Linkz plz

Hi just wondering if you would be willling to show proof of income?

Nope nope nope nope. Not auditing that.


Do you have a compiled list of the pages? If not, please do it and send it to me so I can verify this listing.

Yes i got a excel file :slight_smile: Will send today

Sure if you PM me your budget.

You can me PM me your budget first :slight_smile:

Seller send a bunch of screens, they all looked good (I am sure they were cherry picked). Currently no list as the seller is unable to compile it (yet).

Seen the list. Crazy large bundle, the biggest we’ve ever had. Good luck with sales.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please send me some examples of pages and sites and starting price.

Send me your budget and i will PM you some examples.


Budget, from $500 to $3k.
So send me pages that are in this price range.

Man wow hahaha :joy::joy::joy: the best ever listing i have seen in y entire life <3 … Thought i cannot buy it :stuck_out_tongue: but heavuly impressed…

Wow impresive :slight_smile: send me more details as well as the best offer so far :slight_smile: cheers

haha, thanks :slight_smile: