PRICE : 3200 $

This shop is not a simple classic shop, it’s a real brand with a brand image (stock to send to influencers, packaging, professional photos, videos …)

Why this business was started ?

I started this business in the jewelry niche because I saw a huge potential, both in terms of profit because the purchase price is very low, but also at the level of really high growth potential.

What’s involved in running this business ?

Thanks to my automation and marketing techniques that I personally developed, this business is very easy to manage, you launch your campaigns at 8 am until 8 pm, then you send orders automatically with the Dropified app. Then once every two days, you reply to emails and messages on social networks. I feel that this business requires 10 hours a week to work at the same pace as when I managed it myself

What about the profit ?

The profit on each product is very high, the monthly income is thus high or very high, however there is a potential that is not completely exploited, that of Instagram influencers. If I had to keep this business for another two months I would have definitely paid a famous influencer.

Product resell price : 30 dollars
Product cost : 5 dollars
Shipping cost : 3 dollars

Why selling this business ?

I was recently accepted into a famous university in Europe and I do not have time to take care of this shop anymore. I spent a lot of hard work there, but stopped advertising two months ago. However, to prove the good functioning of the shop I launched a few days ago an advertisement to show potential to future buyers, I had a ROI of x3


  • Physical Inventory (Over 2k dollars ring stock to send to influencers).
  • Customised Packaging (100 bags and 50 boxes)
  • Personal support after sale (2 months)
  • Domain & Mail
  • Instagram Account (17k followers)
  • Mailing list (1k)
  • Around 100 hand model pictures (professionnal)
  • Around 50 product videos


The price of the shop is low compared to what it is really worth and what there are similar shops on the market (over $ 10,000). The price is explained by the desire for a fast and secure sale


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