35K - OGE - Account!

Country of followers (majority): Europe Mixed
Amount of fans/followers: 35.000
Topic/Niche: Converted from adult account to Crypto
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): ORGANİC

Description: Organically grown account with 35K Followers. Not spammed or suspended. :white_check_mark: It has OGE! :white_check_mark:

That was adult twitter account, please edit your topic and mention it.

There is no Crypto & NFT posts and you’ve liked someone’s (18+) photo a few years ago.

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Yes, but it was later converted to an NFT account. Subjects of accounts can be changed. But I’m still editing.


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Please don’t lie! This sold account is the account with the FIRST MAIL. Stolen accounts do not have their first email. We also made 2 trades on Swapd and we did not encounter any problems. 90% of the accounts we sell are accounts with the first email. You have not purchased an account from us. Don’t blame us and don’t lie!

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Removed by STAFF.

Admin please help me
I just start buying account. I talk to the guy and buy one and he sell me hacking account that got banned . And he took my 700$ and.never answer after. Before he say have 200% gurranted and not have of cause is forget only. Is lier

Wtf u better to keep the lier and the scammer? Where I go to support

Please don’t lie. We only sold 2 accounts. And we did it with Swapd moderators. We are never cheaters or liars. You’re trying to get us kicked out of here by disparaging us. Because you are a scammer. There are many complaints about you. Please don’t mess with us. Also, you appear to be a risky profile. Please do not slander and engage people.

Removed by STAFF.

First rule of swapd
Offsite communication is not allowed

Yup. Definitely! In my profile, in my postings etc. I have absolutely no contact number or contact information. We sell all our accounts using the Swapd broker. I do not accept non-SwapD communications. I follow this rule.