Country of followers (majority): India
Amount of fans/followers: 365.0K
Topic/Niche: Makeup/Beauty
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Completely Organic

Description: High Valued Makeup page with over 3.4M Likes and 365 K Real Organic Followers. It gets around 300k - 500k likes and on average of 3k - 5k comments per post. Has a larger female following and the growth rate is insane compared to the date I created it. So, you can imagine the future potential of this account. The audience is super fresh (haven’t used for a single marketing purpose) and the Account is very Brandable. Selling as I don’t have the time to Manage and Monetize the page and I have other projects to take care of. Also, you may see a drop in the engagement rate recently as I haven’t touched the account for past two weeks, but it can be regenerated by posting a couple of times. Feel free to message me for any questions or concerns.

Top Posts:
1 - 30.0M Views | 1.3M Likes
2 - 21.7M Views | 499.3k Likes
3 - 10.7M Views | 391.4k Likes

(P.S - If you’re a Dropshipper or Affiliate Marketer this page is for you. It’s a niche page and it’s all about one type of product.)



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Please ID Verify yourself first with SWAPD at @VERIFICATION


Price Dropped to $3800

Still Available, also the price is negotiable.

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Still Available

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