386K Motivational Fb Page | Super Active | Growing Rapidly | Adbreaks Eligible

Country of followers (majority): US 290k
Amount of followers: 386k
Topic/Niche: Motivational / Humor
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


Hi, I’m selling a Highly active organically grown page with heavy potential of growing to 1m within few months & have potential to generate good revenue via fb adbreaks, driving traffic to instant article / adsense monetised. It has its own super active fanbase so it can sell its merchandise / custom products rapidly!
It can grow more pages along with it very quickly I’ve made 2 pages 30k and 10k in less then a week with this page.

Page has Rename & Merge Available
Had 1 community violation but it was REMOVED BY FACEBOOK so it’s no problem anymore.

Adbreaks is Eligible ( just watchtime is left to be completed )

Prices are slightly negotiable not much as it’s a really very good page in growing state and if the person works right he can turn this beauty into an income generating machine!


Any premium tags for me?

Link please, can it be made without bitcoin if a deal is done?

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Yes we can except for paypal
But priority is bitcoin.

Sending you link.

Send me the url please

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DM me the link and your Best price

link please

No links for you :slight_smile:


Not rich enough this month mate :wink:

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Hope you get rich soon brother :pray:

Lol, you are a big moron mate. Good luck!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Link and price mate!

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Please send link and proposed price. Thank you

Page is in the middle of the checkout ticket.

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Link please.

This page’s deal has been locked and in the process already.

I’m tagging you on my other page thread see if you wanna buy that.