Country of followers (majority): USA (57%)
Amount of fans/followers: 38,9k
Topic/Niche: Memes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic growth (some viral videos reached over 500k views).


Selling this account very cheap because I haven´t been posting so much lately. With consistent uploads this account will grow a lot.

@Thewoods, please before you start blaming people get your facts right. @BubbleBALZ got suspended because me and my friend, who also has an account here on swapd tried to sell OUR youtube channel on different accounts. Thats why it got suspended and at that time I was also trying to sell this instagram page ^. As you can see now that Youtube channel got sold, (confirmed by swapd). Thats the reason I had to create a new account, in order to try to get this instagram account sold. The suspension had NOTHING to do with this instagram account.


send me the username please

Price drop! Now $180 if bought fast!

please send me url and stats. serious buyer

very interested.

Account is selling fast, offer your best price! :slight_smile:

Last price drop! $150!


what is the username? thanks

Let me know what the handle is and i’ll be happy to make an offer.

This account is sold. Thank you for using SWAPD.