390‘000 subscribers , 90 million total views YT channel (8k total earnings)

Country of followers (majority): USA and Mexico
Amount of fans/followers: 386’000 subscribers
Topic/Niche: Music (Launchpad vids)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): None. All grown organically

The Account is HIGHLY active. New vids get from 50-100k views. The channel is mainly about Launchpad videos (Remixes and Mashups)

The channel gets 1.4m views every month and gains 300 subscribers every day. (1500 subs a month)

Selling due to no time for making launchpad covers anymore and because I am about to get married. I am hoping to give my hobby over to someone else!



Looks good. Is the channel still monetized? I want to buy it while it is still monetized, how much are you selling it for?

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Link please :slight_smile:

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Sent all links. still selling

My offer is 1000 usd

My offer is 1000 usd

Lowest I will let it go for is 6000 USD bro.

@Swapd Please put a verified tick on this topic.

Did we verify it?

Yes sir. Check my previous thread.

Link please.

Heres a link to his old thread: Selling 386'000 subs & 80m total views YouTube Account

Don’t think it was verified though?

It seems like it wasnt. Trying to fool me?


No it was but on my other Account named Mcgyyver

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Multiple SWAPD accounts ^^

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He knows about it. That Account was deleted.

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You can delete this thread. Decided to not sell the channel and get it active with some friends and make money on it again. Ty anyways!

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