393k girls photography & doing a clearance stock

Country of followers (majority): mixed india, usa, mexico
Amount of followers: 393k
Topic/Niche: photography
Does it include the OG (original) email?: yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
The page was grown organically from scratch. It grows averaging 14k per week and the numbers will keep increasing. The page generates income occasionally through selling feature and business accounts requesting to feature their products. I’ll explain more to the buyer how they can continue earning.

I also have other pages on the same niche. Among them one growing 10k + per week. Pm for more information if interested.
I’ve attached insights to the page.

And to anyone who knows about this niche they’re worth a lot. just do your research

I’m doing a clearance stock of about 10-20 pages on the same niche. I’m moving to something new and I would like to clear everything to start a fresh. just comment your budget and I’ll send you what you can get at that price range.

I am interested what is the user

Please send list of handles serious buyer thankyou

can I get @ of this and other pages and BIN prices

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Hey can you send me the username and your best price thx

Pm handle, best offer, and other accounts please

Send me the list of handles and prices for each. Thanks.

Hi, how much?

Hello, please send me the handle of this account and any others you have in the babe / model niche.

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Hi, I can propose $200

Hello, Could you send me the handle for this account or others that you have in this niches:
Fitness (girls)
Photography (Glamour)
Photography (Fitness)
Car Photography
Car Racing



Hello, Could you send me the handle?