$3K for panel unban

Hey can anyone help me recover my hacked IG for $450 at first then $2.550 when I get back & can do promotions feel safe with me


Before dealing with SWAPD, it’s helpful to understand how SWAPD works. Please see our guides.

Do not hesitate to ask questions by simply replying to this message.

Hands down no 1 is doing this

Worth a shot people don’t know me

Not worth a shot. It’s simply not allowed. If you open a ticket with a vendor, he can start the service without pre-payment, or we collect the payment and release it to the seller once the account is recovered and after the 24-hour grace period.

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Can’t you make two tickets where the other one is on wait and got some time on it so I can be able to pay the rest

No. You either got the budget, or you have not.

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Am I allowed to ask where I can order human growth hormone from the darknet?

lmao what

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