3L Premium Domains & Super Premium .Net Domain For Sale

I am selling these premium domains , Prices are in $ USD .
Bulk Discount available .
Payment Method : Bank Wire or Crypto .
Bulk Discount available .

N4K.com 4000

2E8.com 4000

L5J.com 4000

W5C.com 4000

P8U.com 4000

4-T.com 4500

2-o.com 4500

4XG.com 4000

The market price for LNL domains is only $300-$400 each. Would you give a discount if multiple were purchased?

yes , bulk discount is available .
regarding market value , no one sell 3L for 300 -400 even on auctions . if you got any and selling for 300 and its 3L , i will happily buy from you .

I own z6t.com. If you’re interested in it for $2,500 USD I’ll create a listing here and we can do the sale.

i am selling my domains , not interested in buying at this point . if you looking to buy i ll sell for fair price .

I’m not interested. We’d be too far apart on price.

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