#4 - 5k Verified USA Tiktok Account! - PRICE LOWERED!

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 5k
Topic/Niche: Verified badge

It’s been verified officially so there’s nothing to be worry about. Verification is since the musically!

  • Username / name changeable,
  • No phone linked,
  • Email changeable,

Since it is very rare to find verified tiktok accounts, so the price is set according to the demand.

ALL transactions will be done through tickets here on SWAPD.

Payment Options:

  • Crypto (pref USDT)

I can also rename your verified tiktok account for $200 + fees without losing verification badge, by purchasing an account, the service is free!

price lowered :pleading_face:

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usa region bro 🥹

still its only 5k followers :melting_face:

Seems like that means increasing the price by $100-200 every new listing. :smiley:

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soon TikTok acs will be priced at 10k :melting_face:

sorry guys, I have a post template ready → hence the inscription price lowered, sorry

  1. I think that a verified tiktok account will not cost $10k
  2. I think the price difference is normal between the usa creator funds account and the indian account :slight_smile:

cheers! <3

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