4.9 Million Video Views. 16,000 Highly Active & Engaged Subscribers. Estimated $1.7K/Month or $20K/Year Earning. Popular in USA & UK

Hello Everyone.

This is Jacob once again.

I am the owner of the Youtube Channel for sale.
For your consideration, I will list the summary of this account:

  1. The account is on good standing.
  2. It is ready for Adsense approval.
  3. The Estimated $1.7K/Month or $20K/year earnings are based on the projections
    given by SocialBlade. Please refer to the screenshot below this listing. Thank you.

Reason for Selling:

I am looking to move with another project, therefore, transitioning this account
to another team whose interest is not far from what our audience subscribe
for will surely be a good fit.

Preferred Payment Method: BTC or PayPal

If you need anything, kindly let me know.
Thank you!

All the best, Jacob

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Hello again, here are the screenshots for consideration.
I have to black out some parts following the suggestion of @Jason

The channel will be given to the best possible offer.
If you need anything, please advise.

Thank you.


Please know that I will be back after 14 hours and send a reply to all inquiries. Thank you.

Hi please send me the price

@Jason I have just updated. Thank you for the notice.

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Hello @Matador, Thank you for your interest. I will send message now.

Could you send the URL?

Hello Cathal,

Thank you for your interest. I will PM you.

Hello Everyone, I will be back in 6 hours time to reply to all inquiries.
Thank you for your interest.

still available? if so please send link i am interested

Hello SMsoccerfifa,

It’s good to hear from you. Since I am online I will reply now.
The channel is still available as I haven’t decide yet.

Please check your inbox. I will send you PM
about the details you requested.

Thank you, Jacob.

Hello Everyone,

Please know that the channel is almost sold out.
Thank you.

If it is still available ill buy it

Hello PranavPK07,

Thank you for your interest.
However, it is almost sold out now.

All the best, Jacob.

Hello Everyone,

As the channel is already on ticket.
I cannot provide the URL anymore.

Thank you for your interest.

May you all have a great time.

Let’s keep SWAPD a safe and happy marketplace.

All the best, Jacob.

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is it sold? or available ?

Hello Raviseven07,

It is almost sold out.
Thank you for your interest.

All the best, Jacob.

Hello Everyone.

The Channel is sold out.
Thank you everyone for your interest.

Until my next listing.
Thank you, Jacob :slight_smile:

You can lock this then as its sold @Swapd

Even though it’s under a ticket it’s pretty close of being sold, so OK!.