400k Verified Girls Fanpage | Top Indian

Country of followers (majority): 350k India
Amount of followers: 420k
Topic/Niche: Model / Artist
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): na


No violations
Adbreak is demonetized.
Rename merge available.

Payment Preffered in Bitcoin
We split the swapd fee 50 / 50

DM Page

Url is available in the screenshot.

As well as, the page is blocked for indian audience which is ridiculous coz 90% fans are from india

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I offer $1000


What’s about your last price buddy?

Could you give me page URL?

This page isn’t available if you’re looking to buy verified fb pages please pm me. I have available 4 verified pages

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Check inbox bro

The Page you’re linking to in your listing doesn’t exist / has been taken down. Please update your listing with the correct URL if you still wish to sell this property.

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Yes please close the topic as I’ve already posted above that this page isn’t available anymore.


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