410K Subscriber YouTube Channel With 147 Million Video Views


Property type: YouTube Channel
Amount of fans/followers: 410,000 +
Topic: Pranks / Gaming
Price: $9,000 USD ONO


The YouTube channel has just over 410,000 subscribers and has consistently held a positive growth rate even though the amount of videos being published has slown. The channel has exceeded 147,000,000 video views, and if the buyer decides to start uploading very frequently, this will skyrocket. The channel has received over 23,000,000 views in the past 90 days and over 4,500,000 views in the past 28 days. Through this, you can see how active the channel really is. Depending on how much the buyer decides to upload, they will be paid accordingly. There are no limits at all.

Since the channel is a community channel, all videos uploaded have received full permission from the content creators, and the uploaded videos are monetised, therefore, you can earn money from the videos. Once again, there is no limit on how much you can make. Also, it’s worth noting that the channel is publishing videos in accordance with fair use and copyright law, and the channel doesn’t have any copyright or community guidelines strikes.

If uploads were frequent, the amount you would be paid will increase every month and it could generate a substantial amount of revenue over time (and by substantial i mean ALOT). For a perspective, the channel has earned and i have received $59,000 since the channels creation. Within the past 365 days i have earned just under $15,000 and within the past 90 days the channel has made roughly $3,000. Therefore, the price this is selling for is a bargain. You can make the money back EASILY and earn profit in huge amounts. And take note, the $15,000 i earned the past 365 included me uploading videos once every 2/3 days. Yep! So imagine how much you would make if the buyer decides to post every day (or even multiple times a day) - you do the calculations :slight_smile:

As i mentioned before, the channel is a community channel. This means that ALL you need to do is find videos from other creators and upload them to your channel (this is with their full permission of course). You literally do not have to do anything.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions or want the URL for the channel. Thanks everyone!


Approved. Please use https://checkout.swapd.co once you find a buyer.


Price dropped! Still need gone ASAP


Hi, any way to get a link to it? idea on what’s the topic?


I sent you a PM! :slight_smile:


This is something Big, Can you PM me the link please?


Just sent you a PM!
Thanks :smile:


Can you pm me link?


I sent you the link as a PM!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Price DROPPED once again! Still looking for a buyer


Update: The channel is now free from any MCN! :slight_smile:


URL Please


I have sent you a PM!



I am very interested. Please PM me asap.


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