440k+ TOP USA, Animals & Nature Facebook Page



Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 440k+
Topic/Niche: Animals & Nature
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Selling this page as I don’t have time to manage it anymore, and beside that I am trying to raise some money to buy a new Laser for my local shop, I run on my country.

This page was bought here on swapd several months ago. Reach and Post Engagement have decreased because I haven’t posted regularly on it or maintained the page because of the time. If you post regularly on the page, good engaging content, you can revive the page 100%, or by boosting 4,5 posts only for the page fans.

The page is waiting to get Fully Approved for Instant Articles too, the domain is approved, now it’s waiting for the final review. (check photos below)

So keep in mind, when you send your offer, you’re getting a page that will have a FRESH APPROVED INSTANT ARTICLE.

Some from the recent posts:

P.S I have the right to not send the link to any user, mostly the ones that are not ID Verified, so if you want to have the link or more info then this, ID Verify your account first… And because the offer I’m waiting for is high, the payment will be done only with Bank Wire, because of SWAPD rules


Great page and honestly looks insanely marketable, if I had the current budget for it I’d take it but I didn’t send an offer because I don’t want to lowball haha

Good luck with sales!


Thanks for your kind words



nice page bro , can you send me link ?


Can you ID Verify first plz


can you send me link please ?


Link please SUPERB. Thanks in advance


Link Sent…


Link please?


Link Please


Sent to all…


sent link bro.


Can you please send link? Thank you.


Price dropped to $2500…


Can u send me the link please ?


PM sent.


Link please


Is this still available ? Link Please
And is the IA approval done ?


PM Sent


Price dropped to $2200 bcs Facebook didn’t approve Instant Articles and decided to remove the monetisation eligibility for the page…

I appealed the decision and waiting for their response…