450k Viral Page for Sale (Travel/Nature) / 45 Million Reaches

Country of followers (majority): International
Amount of followers: 422k
Topic/Niche: Travel/Nature
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic



Selling this viral page. Best for sharing articles and promoting travel agencies; hotels and etc. I made this page last year and got viral immediately. After that every post is viral with millions of reaches on each. It needs few months and will be on Million followers. I was making money with promotions (sharing posts from other pages and sharing articles 10-15$ per share)

• 40 million + reaches per month
• 70-100k followers growth per month
• Good for growing other pages and making money from selling them
• Good for making money from Promotions
• Good for sharing articles and promoting your business.
• Potential to reach Million followers in few months

P.S. when I uploaded this post 5 days ago it was on 422k, now it is on 442k

Day 7 - 450k

As you see page grows 4k per day, which is 120k per month and in less than 5 months it will be on million followers and will cost much more than I sell it for now.

You can see how good this page is in screenshots



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