45k+ Instagram Account - Currently Making $$ Running Ads


I’m selling a gun/outdoors account with 45,000 active followers. Right now we’re sitting an average around 5% engagement rate for photos and 30% - 550% engagement on videos

  • I have run between 15-20 paid advertisements in the last 3 months with generally 1 or more new businesses contacting me per day
  • I have been uploading 1-3 posts per day, 7 days per week
  • The account is just over a year old, created in January of 2017
  • I will provide the rate template (photo) that I use to send to companies for my current advertising fee’s if you would like

Why am I selling? : I run 2 legitimate businesses full time that’s taking 10-14 hours a day and running this page is starting to be really tough. Yes it makes money and has made me money so “why would you stop if it makes money” and my response would be because the money I make from this is in no comparison to what my brands pull in and I need more time with less distractions.

It’s organically gained over 3000 followers in the last week alone and will definitely hit 50k by the end of March at which point I will be increasing the price.


*Justification for price: You can make half of that in 1 month of advertising + with consistent page growth comes price increases.

Please don’t offer me some BS price as I am not willing to negotiate. I’m not in dire need/rush to sell this account so “I’ll buy fast” doesn’t matter to me.

Growth: I’ve done 3 full cycles of follow/unfollow since having the account. I ONLY unfollow those who don’t follow back and I’m currently on the 4th right now however, organic growth has been great lately so this last cycle will be cut short and no more cycles will be continued. Video views are a big asset to growth especially when they hit 100k-200k+ views which brings around 2k new followers each time.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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do you have the account name, thanks!

Sent you a PM!

please dm handle

This baby is SOLD. Thank you for using SWAPD.

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