477k Followers - 21k U.S Followers Very Active Anime page good for Anime and other awesome related content niche

Country of followers (majority): Philippines, U.S.A, Worldwide
Amount of fans/followers: 477k Followers, 379k Likes
Topic/Niche: Anime and other awesome stuffs
Promotion methods used? Organic
Method of Payment: USDT

NOTE: The price is NOT FINAL . Feel free to make offers!

Hi rush sale! I’m selling this very active and engaging page because I need money, Page followers have 21k from U.S.A, and different followers around the globe. The page quality is yellow because I shared the post in certain group, but after 4 months it will back to green, Monetization quality is green, I enabled the subscription for testing but no service/content to offer but someone paid subscribe, you can work for it to get many paid subscriber, you can also upload a good video to get in stream ads available. Good for Anime niche for social channels, websites, business, and streaming.


page quality


price and link

pm you, you can make a offer price, It’s negotiable