47K Viral Crypto TikTok Account (10K$ passive income per Month)

Country of followers (majority): Germany, USA, UK
Amount of fans/followers: 47K
Topic/Niche: Crypto

I am officially selling my TikTok account. Ive started doing promotions for new start-up tokens and made over 10.000$ the last 4 weeks by just doing promos for the coin projects.
I sometimes get 600$ per video and sometimes even 2.000$ per video.
These new tokens are literally throwing money out the window for marketing.
A list of all new token projects are everywhere, will tell after purchase.
People may ask why are you selling your account if its a gold mine. The answer is easy, I want to switch to hardcore crypto mining, therefore I need more capital than I do have now.
Only serious requests please.

These are just a few of them. This was even more, imagine when BNB was 650$ per coin :wink:


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Any proof of income?

My Trustwallet address, you can track all incomes and outcomes on the BSC Scanner and telegram chats with the customers

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Im interested PM me the username

Handle please?



Price is $25K and you’re claiming you’re making $10K per month from it… i dont know but something seems off right here… atleast a proof of income would make finding buyers easier… kolay gelsin/gl with sale



Bro I want to keep things affordable and realistic, PM me and I will send you my Wallet Adress, out it in Binance Smart Chain Scanner and See all transactions from my wallet going in and out.

But in general you are right, I might have set it too low, thanks for the reminder. Others gonna hate you for that Haha

Yes but a wallet transactions doesnt prove it’s coming from paid posts no? I think you should add some proof of income on the thread… because like this the asking price you can easily make it yourself if you keep it 2-3months… maybe put a higher price if you can really make such money per month…

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DM Proof of income.

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I could make it myself but I want it all at once that’s why I’m selling it. I can provide many telegram chats from customers and link you the transaction address for confirmation, but how many chats do you want me to post into the thread? That’s a lot of screenshots. For serious buyers I would send them the proof via PM

Check updated thread