5,7M reach Full Monetized page/ Games, 21K followers

Country of followers (majority): international
Amount of followers: 21k followers
Topic/Niche: Games
Promotion methods used? No (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): shares on my network

Game Facebook page full green and monetized
In stream adds
Reels overlay (earnings unlimited)
Online events
Quality green
Organic reach 5,7M
Amazing page with very short name easy to memorize
Fresh and full monetized with unlimited earnings possibilities if you buy shares or crossposts on big monetized pages with tier countries followers…
You can post every type of games, if you have consoles or pc, just keep uploading original content on the feed and reels and you can start to earning
Unfortunately i just can see the first 5 countries by insights maybe because the page it’s small
The page its safe, just builded in my network
Please just serious inquiries
No time wasters
No contact offsite
Thank you :pray:

Surely you added an extra 0 by accident?


Hello there @MisterNiche
Thank you for commenting on my listing
First of all, I would never comment prices on my sales partners here on Swapd😅
Everyone knows the price the assets are worth

In second place
If you are familiar with Monetization
This page has 3 ways to earn money with Monetization!
The reels overlay is a way to earn unlimited money without needing to collect bonuses

Third and most importantly
The buyer who buys this page can pay the investment in 5 days
Just post 5 good videos
Share on large monetized pages or crosspost and you will earn at least $500 from each share or crosspost
And voilá, the investment is already paid.
5 videos with easy content from games
The buyer doesn’t need anything else
And the page has almost 6 million organic reach
You won’t miss Monetization anytime soon…
I hope I clarified why this price
Continuation of good businesses :pray::raised_hands::four_leaf_clover::facepunch::ninja: