500 USD to anyone who breaks Gmail login roadblocks

For the past two weeks, we have noticed an increase in locked out Gmail accounts. It seems that the Google Gmail team increased its security. Long story short, this is a problem for us, as many inboxes vanish during transfers. The problem is so annoying now that we’ve recently begun warning users to stop using Gmail. Usually when moving a Gmail between two people, things are OK. But when a third party comes into play (us), that’s when things get sketchy.

Gmail seems to be OK with a different type of login (IP/device), providing it only happens once in a certain time span (the time frame is unknown to us). But the third login from another device, in many cases, results in a perma-block. We’ve tried everything, from backup codes to 2FA. The 2FA trick usually worked, but not anymore. We’ve been logged out of Gmail and told to contact support, even if/when we logged in via 2FA. After talking with support, they STILL refused access, to both us and the seller.

So, we’re asking you for help!

If you are able to devise a method that:

  1. allows multiple logins from multiple devices/IPs
  2. does it quickly and in a convenient way
  3. without any risks or roadblocks (slight roadblocks are OK)

… then we will offer you 500 USD.

Until we figure something out…

Trusted members with Gmail-attached accounts will be allowed to move the properties themselves. Untrusted/new members will have the risk loom over their heads unless they waive SWAPD of the responsibility and try to do it themselves.

In short, #stopusinggmail.


Some ground rules:

  1. Submitted methods will be tested in real-life tickets (with the permission of buyer/seller) and not in a controlled test.
  2. The method will be tested for 14 days to see if it sticks.
  3. Only one person will be rewarded, who whoever is first (if anyone actually breaks Gmail), he gets the prize money.

One last thing, please don’t submit theories. Only things you’ve personally tested and are sure of. Thank you.

How i use to deal with gmail offsite

  • only android device -
  1. seller should have logged gmail in his/her android mobile with prompt security on.

  2. give password to the buyer and click yes & the number that comes to the prompt.

  3. then buyer changes phone number to his own & add all security features except change password only by login through android device.

  4. change password after 48 hours.

Never had any issues even when flipping it here or using my own.

Why android is special, coz google owns both android and gmail .

Yes but thats a 1 to 1 transfer. We need a method for three people to do this.

The method has worked for me without risk has been this:

-The seller puts buyer’s phone number as recovery option
-The buyer resets password
-Buyer is in :slight_smile:

They can use Google Voice numbers if they don’t want to share their real phone numbers.
This method has been working for me for a long time.

If you want a method that involves 3 people being in the same GMail account at the same time without any risk, I don’t think its possible. Best way I’d say is to do it my way on TeamViewer while you or any other staff supervises how’s the deal going.

When three parties have to meet at the same time, providing they’re all in different time zones (and they usually are), then this is a problem. I also have a feeling that three-way Gmail changes are not possible to do in a quick manner, which eliminates us from the transfer, thus posing risks. All it takes is one dishonest buyer/seller who will ruin a transaction and we won’t know who to believe.

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I don’t think its possible neither, so the way I explained will be the best way to do it from my perspective.
I have done some deals like this and I never run into a problem.

I think It just takes patience.

A “forgot password request” after a couple has always fixed this issue. However, this is on a 1 on 1 basis, dont know about 3 people

i dont see any way to bypass this because even if a solution is found it might not last or stay long.

my Suggestion is Swapd should hire an app developer to make an app that authorize logins. with permissions, basically users should authorize this app with there gmail during account transfer which will give swapd a lot of permissions granted through the app. the migration can go 1 to 1 between buyer and seller but swapd have read/view access to the gmail account through the app admin dashboard to verify if the details have been changed successfully . it might sound complicated but its a simpler way and a good developer can do it.

Do 1-1 with the buyer.

Once it is secured you can repeat the process to seller 1-1.

Time will be taken,but it’s the safest way ever

We do that already :smiley: The problem is that’s when we get locked out.

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We were thinking about something like this: ATTN: Looking for coders/developers

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That’s the thing here, you won’t get locked out if you’ve logged in Android mobile phone.

What if one party doesn’t have an Android phone?

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This only works with android phone.

Well the device model can be spoofed with a simple chrome extensions. So all parties using same device could make things easier

This problem can easily be solved using a same 4G proxy on a browser like; Puffin Browser.

People have problems following simple directions, this needs to be easy. 1/3 of casual buyer/sellers don’t even know how to use a proxy.