52K USDT Stucked

One of my friend’s 52K USDT Stucked in letradepro.com

When he trying to withdraw them this error comes

The exchange (seems scam) don’t have any social media handle, don’t have any information on google and only have live chat support where when he told them about this issue they ask for phone number and email and after providing these details they not answering even reading every message in live chat.

I also trying to connect with support on live chat many times but after send them phone number and email they never replied or after around one hour on wait they close the chat and sometimes close in few minutes

Is anyone know about this exchange? Is it real or scam?

I found this:

This site is useful but most of time useless as it follow a pre made system and giving rating accordingly domain age and security

Btw thanks

domain registered like 2 months ago lmao why would someone deposit on here?

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