53K US fan page for sale



The problem that I’m seeing with Facebook pages is that reach can get cut extremely quickly. Of course if you have new and original content the odds of reach getting messed is lower. I also noticed that pages that refrain from posting content from other pages tend to keep their reach. Alot of what I said is unrelated, just had a thought and rolled with it.


I totally agree with you on that one. I’ve owned and built many successful pages and sharing content from other pages do affect your reach.


Let’s go to the top


Bump…priced reduced


Send me link and price


Link please.


I know the owner buddy and he knows I dont deal with hacked pages you’re just mad because you tried to lowball me and I put you in your place


Yeah you’re all mad because you tried to lowball me and I put your broke ass in place :joy::joy::joy: and with a name like Gucci you sound like a poser


User Gucci banned for being abusive and lying.


Thank you swapd this guy totally went off.


Link please man.


SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD.