554K Jungkook BTS Instagram account

Country of followers (majority): International followers
Amount of followers: 554480
Topic/Niche: KPOP/BTS/POP
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Not included but with current email
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Payment methods: USDT/BTC or Bank Transfer


The artist has many great achievements. Billboard No.1 and
this figures’ newly launched YT MV easily passed 100m views within the first 2 weeks. The account has top tier engagement among all Ins bts accounts at this follow count.

It’s been years since i had the account. Been busy with work and study recently so I’m here looking for a good buyer.


Benefits from owning the accounts (see below):arrow_down::arrow_down::

  1. You can turn the accounts into your personal accounts or business accounts. Most of the followers in the accounts are female (~80-90%), they are responsive and frequently engage with the content. This definitely allows you to take a shortcut in building your business with social media marketing.

  2. You can use these accounts to promote your own Instagram accounts and/or to provide paid promotions for those who want to be Instagram models. These fan accounts can continue to grow and consistently provide new followers.

3.You can do paid promotion for multiple Kpop online stores.

4.You can drive traffic to your own youtube channel ( Can be BTS/KPOP/Kdrama related ) and potentially build a passive income business, you can do paid promotion by the youtube channel too

5.You can potentially grow Ins accounts to sell

6.You can have fans to join your personal broadcast channel or subscribe to your personal accounts by story promos


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Hi I would like to buy

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i don’t know why i can’t dm you, might be cuz your acc is only created today :thinking: