$5k for a page with $30/day?

Hi ! I need your help :slight_smile:

Can I find a facebook or instagram that can be bought with $5k and to make $20-$30/day ?

Do you think the price and daily income are realistic ? If not, let me know how much I need to pay for a page with this daily income. Thank in advance for your help :smiley:

Now this is very realitve,
First a page that generates $30 per day for someone will not generate the same amount if it changes ownership.

The first owner knew very well the content that his followers liked while the new one have to make a lot of tests. But on the other hand, if the new owner is good at content creation can even double or triple the income per day

$5k for a page like this is very high in my opinion, bcs Facebook is very unpredictable.

Maybe smth around 3months of earnings would be a better price offer. So $30/day = $900/ month x 3 = $2700

A real life example

I had pages that generated $100/day and suddenly after several weeks they dropped to 15-20 with the same content… or vice versa… and some others dropped dead with zero reach…

If you’re new to Facebook my advice is to start with small pages and try to generate $1-$5 per day then start scaling after you know how Facebook works.

Don’t spend money like this if you’re just starting

I’m 100% agree with you about the content. I really don’t want to buy today a page and tomorrow to see my $20 :)) I have time to learn and maybe in this time to lose some followers, but nothing is easy and predictable in this days. Thank you for your advice about the maximum price !