5TH LARGEST Cryptocurrency @

Property type: instagram user
Why is it unique?:

name of the 5th biggest crypto to exist


c/o: $45k pof shown
bin: $80k obo


username to one of the largest crypto currency’s to exist. has never touched the market before. is 5th on coin market cap.


Vouch. Crazy handle don’t pass up on this :rocket::eyes:

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Crazy handle :exploding_head::zipper_mouth_face:

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surely it is crazy Handle

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Crazy handle :exploding_head::fire:
To the moon :rofl::rocket:

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awesome handle, but cant the company pull the handle under copyright grounds?

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nope, @s can’t be pulled ever when they’re active

but they can sue if they have the TM on the name, it happened alot before, im asking because im interested

again i claim @s all the time, they will not be able to.

also i wouldn’t sell something that could be reverted or trademarked, i also think that’s against tos on here

updated offer

this is crazy

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new offer

this is crazy