6-Fig DropShipping Product + Premium Funnel & Branding

We do DROPSHIPPING on highly optimized - frictionless FUNNELS.

I want to sell this SpinOff we have made recently.


We used this exact funnel/landing page for a very similar BEAUTY TECH product, we have done 6 Figure with it.

We duplicated the funnel, picked this hot LED beauty mask.…and re-did the whole branding (name, logo, domain, graphics, reviews)

We are selling this as TURN KEY funnel to run. For a special discounted price.

The branding itself is worth $500+, even on fiverr

Want to do this to establish ourselves as funnels sellers here on Swapd.

We build 10+ Dropshipping stores and funnels per month. This would be a nice way to get some $ out of our extensive work…and a crazy opportunity for you to cut in half the time and money needed in product research, branding and store development.

First come, first serve

I’m interested but where can we get the product that the funnel sells?

Will the supplier be given as well?

I would also like to know the shipping times for customers to receive given product.

If the funnel and site is ready and done, the product supplier is given, I’d be happy to buy this.


Yes, we have the best supplier for this product from Aliexpress.

Let me give you the exact shipping time and price for the US as of today…

give me 10 min

Yes, supplier shipping time to the US is currently 18 days (in our experience the average shipping time is 12-14 days)

cost of the product is 25$

nice info!

How do you get sales - mainly via fb ads or google ads?

is the funnel built via click funnels or shopify?

Yes Ads of course

But these products work great with IG and tiktok influencers also

Price updated.

Included 1h of assistance for setting up the funnel, clickfunnels account, domain etc

Can you provide access to the ad account to prove profitability?

This specific funnel and product is never been marketed

We made 6 fig with a similar beauty tech product I cannot reveal cause it’s still working fine

I hope you understand, in DS we need to protect products

Yup I gotcha. Misunderstood/misread post.

The price is actually $449 + He will try to sell you the clickfunnels account for $150 ( you’ll need to have an account in order to have this running)

So it’s $449 + $150 you should include that in your description :wink:

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Yes, it’s $449

It’s clearly written on top :slight_smile:

And it’s hosted on clickfunnels so you need to have a Clickfunnels subscription

You do realize now that you posted it someone can copy in cf in 5mins right? :thinking:
Its best you just include screenshot

Well, it’s not a copy paste thing tho ehehhe

But yes maybe it’s better to remove it

Actually I think the url is mandatory

Not a big issue

still available.

In 10 days we will have another funnel, a 3 steps funnel that we used for a Course creator (info product) that generated 60.000$ in a weekend (product launch).

That will be for sale for 999$

Still For Sale. We will include a second product that we are selling without much competition at 2000$ a day…

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