620k+ Instagram Account (USA 40%)



Country of followers (majority): USA 40%+
Amount of followers: 620k+
Topic/Niche: Cars / Automotive
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Selling an active cars account with a great brand-able username.

The account grows just by posting (i literally do nothing more since i don’t have the time). Gains ~500 followers/day (it’s only 14:00 and it has 500 new followers already for today). Before the “ban waves” it was at 1k/day growth, and everyone know that Instagram updates mess up engagement/growth for the first week or two, so I’m expecting the growth numbers just to go up once the ban waves are finished (apparently on 01/01/2019). The account has an average 3.5mil weekly reach and 15mil impressions with 4 posts/day.

I have never sold a single shoutout on the account, so if thats your way to monetize, you can make a killing. I was growing it as a hobby, but now I don’t have the time for it, and it does not bring me the joy it once did.

The account comes with a website - I have developed a monetizing strategy for the website, which can potentially make a pretty decent passive income AND increase the engagement and growth of the account. I don’t see anyone monetizing their accounts this way (in any niche), however other projects take too much time, so I can’t put the time in it to test it out. Don’t ask for the “method”, only the buyer will get access to that. I want the new owner to have the first mover advantage.

I also considered using it for dropshipping, and found products that no other account sells in the niche, so if you are into that, you can have the list and the full "dropshipping strategy".

This account can make a lot of money for the right owner, and I’ll give you all the information on how to get it, you just need to put in the time.

I also have facebook page and twitter page - those are small (<10 followers) but i got the handles in case the new owner wants to grow them too :slight_smile:

If you have extra questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments (so everyone can see them). If you are interested, PM me for the username.

Accepting payment only via SWAPD.

Looking to Buy IG Car Account - USA

Handle please, and do you have og email?


Link plz



the account did not suffer a lot from intagrams latest updates that hit the repost pages. It is currently gaining 400+ followers/day from 1 to 2 posts only! (i find that posting only 1 or 2 videos perform way better than my usual 4 - videos go viral after 1/2 days).


Link and what do you want for it (ballpark)?


Og email?


To address the OG question

The account does not have the original e-mail, it was created with a temporary mail, however I talked to some people who have connections in Instagram, and they said that if the account does not change its mail for ~6 months, the current mail becomes the OG one (has the power to revert all settings). And that mail comes with the account.


That’s really interesting if true


Don’t think there is a direct way to prove this without Instagram coming out with a statement.


Please share handle, figure ?


Interesting send me a price bracket.


PMd both


Please pm me the link and price. The email is very concerning without proof




Please PM username and prices


PMd all


Handel please


Username and price?


Send me @ and C/O if you have one please.


Please PM me the handle and price range. Very interested.