650,000 subscribers youtube channel

Amount of subscribers: 650k+
Country of subscribers (majority): Saudi Arabia
Topic/Niche: Celebrities
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):
Description: I am selling my youtube channel because i will be busy this year and i dont have time for it anymore.

I was going to say overpriced, but then I saw the activity! Looks crazy active. Good luck with sales.

Too bad this thing isn’t monetized :confused: Making any money from this channel via side deals or promos?

Thanks It was monetized since it was launched in 2016 but got disabled a few weeks ago, I can apply for monetization again in 30 days.

Why did it get disabled? And how much were you making prior to being disabled?

In the last month i made around $2000 and the month before $2500 so it depends , the more i upload videos the more i earn money .

They said because my content is not original so i contacted them and explained to them that it is a top 10 channel and i only use tiny bit of others work, its fair use like watchmojo, they told me that i can apply again in 30 days and my montization will be approved .

Have any proof of that? Sorry for asking, but that’s a strong statement and anyone buying this at 5 digits will want reassurances.


The only approve i have is an email from them saying i can apply after 30 days but when i contacted them through creature chat and after explaining to them my situation they said they cant approve it again at this moment but hopefully it will be approved if i apply again in 30 days, that’s exactly what they said.

Well, that’s a lot different than “it will be approved.”
Thanks for answering.

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Lol i can wait 30 days and get it monetized and then sell it here again

That would be great. Thank you.

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Even if this channel makes $2000 per month, don’t you think $40K is a lot to ask?


Well that’s the price for channels like mine
How much u think I should have listed it ?

Without monetization, it’s not very useful. But it is very active, I’d say around 5-10K at the moment. The demographics aren’t advertiser friendly, also (by that I mean low paying).

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That’s too little , I have put so much work into the channel and it wasn’t easy to gain all these subscribers! I’d keep it instead and get revenue from promoting products etc as it will reach million subscribers in a few months or a year at max .

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If you want to make money off the channel dm me I’ll get you paid for the views even if your not monetized.

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