7.000.000 (million) Twitter account for sale



With as we speak over 7 million followers, build over the years (2012) from scratch by us. The number of followers is still increasing every minute, is organically grown (no bots) and the account has a large enthusiastic and committed group of followers.
All post are fascinating, funny, deep and heart-warming pictures and videos of places, people, animals and nature. It will make you happy or at least will brighten up your day! SWAPD only.


send info on page and account, pm with all data possible


Link please and insights? Thanks.


link and insights please?


link and insight please ! really interested on this


link please


Details please


Link please


Please share link via pm…



I can take statistics and insights thanks! Also url to twitter account :slight_smile:


This property is currently under a ticket, pending an audit.



SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD!