7 month old Wikipedia account with article publishing access

Property type: Wikipedia Account

Why is it unique?: 7 month old Wikipedia account with article publishing access.

Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes

Og email proof.

Proof that i’m not a robot

Since i have used og email for quora too, so it will come with quora account with 9k views too.


Price: 1000$ via bitcoin or 1100$ via Paypal.

To publish articles the account has to be active for a couple days and have made 10 edits. I have multiple Wikipedia accounts and have made many articles stick. Articles that just get published and don’t belong in the space usually get pulled by other editors.

This is not a good deal and it looks like you are violating the swapped rules by saying you take Bitcoin or PayPal.

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Since the account is 7 months old, the activity from this account will look authentic. It’s a good deal.

I’m not breaking any Swapd Rule. All transaction on swapd are completed only through their middleman service. I said that if we use PayPal the cost will be 100$ extra

I don’t know why you’re giving @Internet_lord a problem because it says on the FAQ that both PayPal payment and Bitcoin are available payment options.

What type of payments do we accept?

While payment terms will vary for each transaction, our options include PayPal, TransferWise, BitCoin, and bank wire.

Source: https://swapd.co/faq

Besides @Internet_lord said he would only complete transaction through SWAPD’s middleman service (which is literally the only way you can do transaction here). He is not breaking any rules.



Please close this.