750K+ Twitter Account (Aged, Meme Niche, No badge)



Amount of followers: 750K+
Country of followers (majority): Turkey, Japan, US
Topic/Niche: Meme/Humor
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
Follow/Unfollow and organic growth (as far as I know). Please read the description.

Description and full disclosure:

I originally bought this account from a Turkish seller back in 2018.

The account does NOT come with the OGE (the email that has originally been created with).

The original user tried to recall this account from me, and he was temporarily able to do so. I recovered the account through Twitter support, reassociated the account with an email on my private domain, verified it with my mobile phone number, and have 2-step authentication enabled through a specific app you have to download on your phone.

I have recovered this account in March and since then tweeted to see the reactions on the account. There has not been any suspicious events happening to this account since I have formally recovered the account.

Honestly, I have to say that the impressions are not terribly great this month since I have barely tweeted on the account this month. Please see the attachments below to see some figures. I believe it has a good potential to be a more active account, but you will have to be consistent in your management and tweeting on the account.

I am releasing this account because I have multiple projects going on right now which needs more of my time and attention. I no longer have the time to look after this account properly, and I want for it to go to a user who can properly utilize this account for their use.

This account will come with the access to the webmail inbox of the email account it has been reassociated with Twitter support. If you would like to have the private domain itself, we can negotiate it but please note domain transfer will cost extra fee on top of the agreed amount. Please be aware that this reassociated email is NOT the OGE.

I will also inform you the security app that you need to log into this account and the unique code that you need to log into the security app. This app refreshes the log-in code every 30 seconds.

I will only be sharing the username/link/profile of this account to:

  • SWAPD users who are ID verified
  • Those who have positive transaction records and/or recommendation from a SWAPD admin/mods
  • Those who can respond swiftly for communication
  • Those who have experience in buying and/or managing Twitter accounts.

If you have no experience buying or managing Twitter accounts, this property is NOT recommended.

For example, if you try to change all the security details and the profile details in a single day (24-hour period) or a short period of time, you can get this account under lock from Twitter. Also, if you are using VPS or VPN and log into Twitter while still using service, there is a chance the account may get under lock or suslock.

If a lock or suslock happens after the account has been handed over to you, the account details may be COMPLETELY reset. In this case, you will need to submit a ticket through Twitter Support through the reassociated email which you can have access to. It goes without saying that you will not be allowed to use the reassociated email that I will give access to you for spamming or other illegal activities. The reassociated email can be only used to help you attempt to get back the account if a lock, suslock, or Twitter-related problem should happen. Again, this reassociated email is NOT the OGE. Please be aware that I do NOT have access to the OGE of this account.

Please be aware that during the last week and during this week, Twitter is rolling out new privacy policy which would affect how you can operate the account once you purchase it. For this account it means that if you try to follow over 400 people per day, that may get the account flagged.

Upon purchasing the account, it is your complete responsibility to be aware of the privacy policy updates, TOS, community guidelines, and other rules publicly shared by Twitter through whatever medium they may use.

As the seller of this account, I will not be responsible for the consequences of the buyer failing to adhere to the terms and conditions of Twitter and/or otherwise break the rules and disobey the community guidelines. The responsibility for the conduct after purchase is completely up to the personal judgment of the buyer.

SWAPD admin and a few moderators would know that I have been a victim of a few scamming case. SWAPD admin and moderators have helped me regain accounts and bring scammers to justice. I am confident as a seller that my conduct is transparent and I would supply the buyer with necessary help if anything should happen.

Please be aware that while I have not had any occurrences of security breach in the last 2 months and I have taken extra care to make sure that the account is safe, there are other hackers or scammers out there who may try to take accounts. After purchase, it is your responsibility to keep the account as safe as possible by continuing to have a 2-step authentication and other safety measures.

Before you make any decisions for purchasing this account, please read everything above and check all the details. If you have further questions about this account, please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. I am looking for a responsible and serious buyer.

Accepted Payment Method: BTC purchase + the buyer holds the SWAPD fees.

If you are considering to request domain transfer of the reassociated email account, we must first discuss if the domain transfer is eligible. If domain transfer is eligible, I will let you know of the additional fee.

Analytics screenshots (some have been blurred for privacy purposes):


Property still available!


How much can you dm me please


Hi, there is no set price for sales of this account. I have replied to your DM. Please check.