$80k In Sales On-site | Facebook Media Partner Portal | Verify Entrepreneurs


What is this?
A managed Facebook Media Partner account with media support enabled.

What can you do?
Start your own verification, unbans, or username claim service!

Why is this unique?
Unlike most media portals, this one is able to verify public figures, entrepreneurs, influencers, and just about anyone else! (no brands)

How does this work?
You will be given exclusive access to a Facebook media partner portal, (with active contact). Account will be provided via RDP (first month paid).

        Bids starts at $70,000

This topic is now a featured topic and will run until December 4th. Good luck with sales.

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Thank you! Taking offers guys!

Lowering price to 90,000 OBO

Portal is currently pending for $80,000. No need to fret we will have another one available next week!

Is there a possibility you can help us removing our LO flag from our 2M FB page? Willing to pay good

I have been looking for a portal for a long time.
Can I verify business account with it?

First one sold to SWAPD queen @Jkr123 and now we have more back in stock!!! DM today!

you have portal for next month ?

Closing this for now until we sort something out.