80k+ Instagram Account

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 80k+
Topic/Niche: Luxe
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Mix of F/UNF, Engagement Networks, and Organic Growth

Description: I no longer have the time to manage this account. I have not actively posted on it in a significant amount of time.

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Handle plz

What is the page handle and price?

Why is the reach so low for an 86K follower page?

Because I haven’t posted…?

Hi Alpha, could you share link please?



Just done a quick audit and the account grew from 7k followers to 85k in one day (18th of Aug) that same day you did one post that only got one comment and 600 likes… any particular reason?

My reason is that audit sites don’t work properly when name changes occur. I switched similar names between my two accounts, hence why any shitty sites will show that my account suddenly grew from 7k to 85k. (I then switched them back. Thought one was more catchy than the other and then changed my mind.)

If you want to know the name of the 7k account which I still have access to I’ll happily PM it to you.

Edit: This is largely due to the updates Instagram introduced early this year, which disabled tracking of follower growth, hence leaving enormous gaps on account growth or leaving accounts that were never previously searched on the site before as untracked. ex. socialblade

that makes sense… the audit also showed the 75% of the followers being mass accounts which again screams bots. did you grow this page from scratch yourself or buy it?

Grown from scratch on my own.

Also, that doesn’t scream bots, but more-so people’s “spam accounts” they use to mass follow various pages, hence why the engagement isn’t top notch as its difficult to see a post in your feed if you follow several thousand accounts.

right so having 75% of the audience with those accounts massively impacts your reach and also plays negatively against the Instagram algorithm?

Doesn’t impact either of those. Just impacts engagement on posts.


Hey what is the handle?



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