82K Gaming/Films Fan-made Trailers channel. +54M total views

that’s how much your channel is actually worth lmao + I know no one is gonna pay that much unless your taking advantage of someone

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Is it still available ?

Please PM me the link.

Also, would you be able to provide revenues and views by month for the last year?

Link please )

url please

pm me with the link please thank you

Handle please. And whats the selling price . And is it earning from Adsense now?

Name please

pm me the link please, I’m very interested!

lmao he changed the price from a high 4 figures to ‘offer me’

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What’s the latest offer bid that you received?
And is it still monetized?

what’s your net on youtube

link please

Link please

PMed everyone who asked for link/price

dm me for link and price

Best offer is 2500$, channel will be sold if I don’t receive a higher one. Still accept offers. Thank you.

2750$ ASAP - paypal. :slight_smile:
PM me :slight_smile:

can I see the channel bro? im buying old youtube channels

url ?