835K Pinterest Account - For Sale

Country of followers (majority): USA & Australia
Amount of fans/followers: 835,380 Followers
Topic/Niche: Vehicles, Travel, Outdoors, Environment, Photography, Lifestyle, Art, DIY, Decor, Fashion
Promotion methods used? Organic Only

Description: I started this account from scratch in 2015 and have been using it ever since. I’m looking to sell this account in it’s entirety.

Demographic split: 64.4% Female : 27.9% Male
Location Split: 29% USA / 30% AUS

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For 800K followers the activity seems really really low. And reason for that?

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Link please

Hi Yes the activity is low. My wife and I recently had a baby so my priorities have change and I’ve been fairly inactive over the past few months.

Can you post then how activity looked before your baby? Congratulations btw :slight_smile:


can i see the link, please?
congradz by the way!

Link plz

link please

Please provide link

please send me link

Pls send me link

send link and last offer.

username please and highest offer

Send link please.

Link please ?

price in inbox please

Please send link and highest offer

Link and highest bid, please

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