90k Fashion/Style Account - 10% USA - High Engagement



Country of followers (majority): US
Amount of followers: 90k
Topic/Niche: Fashion/Style
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used?: Fuelgram only.

Description: Highly engaged account, perfect for promoting fashion or beauty products. Looking for a quick turnaround on this account so i’m open to offers.


Great account - 90k fans and 1 comment on posts :d
Pricing more than unreasonable


You can take a look at the previous posts, there is good engagement.




sent it to you via PM


Pm handle plz


sent via PM


@Alpha can we give @toms a detective badge? He does the work for the rest :slight_smile:


damn guys, y’all makin me feel bad about this account that i really worked hard for


The price is way too high for what the account is worth in most people’s eyes. I felt the same way when I sold mine (similar size), so I wouldn’t worry too much.


hey, can you please send me the username, interested


What would be a good price for this account? I’m open to suggestions/offers


I sold an ~80k for 500 I believe, however the activity was lower. I’m thinking a fair deal would be around $700 for this, upwards of $900-$1,000.


Alright alright. I’ve updated the price. Still learning the ropes here.


Bump. This is still available.


Can you dm me the username please


pm the handle please


could you please PM me the username!
thank you!!


Send the username please


DM me username please. Thanks