91k+ Entrepreneur Motivation Instagram Account FOR SALE (Amazing Handle)

Country of followers (majority): United States
Amount of followers: 91K+ Topic/Niche: Entrepreneur Motivation
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Engagement Networks):
Account has been built from new organically by me
Description: Property type: Instagram
Average Likes: 1160 Average Comments: 7
Age Range - 25-34 (73% MEN - 27% WOMEN)
Description: An account with daily advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs.
The handle name is very clean.

  • Impressions; 105k + Weekly
  • Reach; 52k+ Weekly

It can fluctuate sometimes and be a little less or more depending on the week and how much content is posted

You can:

  • Grow/build up additional accounts
  • Promote your own business or others (money)
  • Make it a personal account
  • Advertise/collaborate in return for money

A good business investment if used properly and by someone who knows how to grow and maintain active accounts.

handle please!

Post country stats and reach data.

Is the account currently profitable? 6K seems like A LOT for a less than 100k account. Just curious if you have proof of earnings or something that you could provide?

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Acc is dead. But the niche is what im interested in.
My offer is 1k+fee.


Handle please?

I agree. Someone gave him the wrong idea to ask for $6k lol

Account is worth what he offered on the high end

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India being second to USA indicates that half the followers are more than likely bots lol

Most motivation pages have a lot of indian audience, the problem is IG cut reach to this niche so now you can’t really do much with them.
There’s just a few top pages who have quality traffic still.

Never bought bots.

Hey, would you mind elaborating on how/why IG cut the reach to this niche?


Pls share handle

Can you send me the handle please?

Please send me the handle

still stuck on that price ? :eyes:

I sure hope not. Well, assuming he actually want’s to sell it.

6k…? Send handle and best offer please.:slightly_smiling_face:

Handle please.