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grew this from 0, I went MIA and didnt post for a few months, just came back and the account has been revived and is ready to be sold.

looking for offers.

Very interested please send!

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Send handles

link pm

I can take it immediately for 400$

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pls start a checkout ticket.

Username please

If this is still available, please PM handle.

Hey, can u please pm me the username. Thank u

Is this person responding to anyone?

Very interested - handle?

Send handle

what is the Username please i want to check it out

On handle please

Hi there - pls name of site

95k now. need interested buyers.



can you send the link and current top bid please?

Scammer alert. Gave this man 600 dollars off platform and he took it and ran. He probably knows a way around the middle man structure too. Just stay away.