94K+ Instagram Account For Sale

Country of followers (majority): International
Amount of followers: 94K+
Topic/Niche: DIY (mostly)
Does it include the OG (original) email?: No (og email got disable)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

OG email got disable because last buyer cancel due too many copyrigth strikes. When email password changed, Google decided to disable this og.

Time is money, only serious buyers should contact, please…


Growing 900+ followers per day just by posting (no boosting)
Basically growing on autopilot using a scheduling tool
82% female audience

Accepting TransferWise payment only. Thanks.

Q: What are the average story views?
A: My focus is growing account with feed post, not story. But sometime I post story.

Q: Whats your monthly revenue from it?
A: My Instagram business is growing account and then selling it. But some people always contacting me for promo shoutout. Because my paypal got banned a few weeks ago, I stopped accepting shoutout.

STAFF EDIT - DO NOT REMOVE: Just an FYI to anyone planning to purchase this, it has multiple copyright strikes.

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PM handle

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username and best price please?

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whats the handle, and the stories you post - how many views do they get? and what did you use to charge for promo before your account got banned?

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Could you pm the scheduling tool?

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can you send me the handle please

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Still available guys.

Just an FYI to anyone planning to purchase this, it has multiple copyright strikes.


Re-opened guys.

Still available guys. Now 90k followers.

BUMP! :smiley:

Hurry up guys, someone was interested and dm me in that account. He one of swapd member but got banned because dealing transactions off-site. He doesn’t care with so many copyrights. And will be re-activate in April.

Still active until now. Don’t worry, all copyright content was removed. It’s really surprising when my account still active even when Instagram remove it. Which mean, trust score still high.

If don’t want repost content, you can deleted all and starting upload your original content. Or you can pay someone to do diy work for you.

Can i have the handle so i can look it up?

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verify your account first. @VERIFICATION

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