95k US Single Moms Facebook Page + 1K Instagram + Branded domain

Country of followers (majority): United States
Amount of followers: 95000
Topic/Niche: American Single Moms
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): I run paid advertising for leadgen and affiliate offers, and I also posted quotes every now and then.

I’m selling a Facebook page with 95k likes, with the same name Instagram account with 1k followers and the same name domain name (.org).

This page/niche is optimal to run Financial offers on facebook ads without the need of running in special categories since you can target single moms instead of people interested in financial things.

Link and Price please

Still available

Hi, link please, I´m ready to buy

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Interested. Link pls

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Price updated

link please

Send link please. Thanks :slight_smile:

Interested in checking out the page.

Link, and does the page have any restrictions ?

Link pls

Link PM, interested

Still available

How aged is it?

2017 :slight_smile:

Staff has already audited it and it’s perfect