A Matured Website - Make Money Online Niche

Domain name: Affiliatedork.com
Website included?: Yes
Price: $1200 OBO


Platform - WORDPRESS

Money Earned - Over the course, I have made around $500 with sporadic commissions here and there.

Why Am I Selling?? - As most people, I gave up on this site a long time ago. Ironically, I stopped just as my traffic started to increase and the site came out of the Google sandbox (however, I was too inexperienced to know this at the time)

Once I realised that this site was working it was too late because I had already invested heavily in a different project.

Potential - this is an aged site (3 YEARS) with existing organic traffic. Anyone who is keen to post regular blog posts will quickly see traffic increase and revenue increase.

This website has incredible potential because it already has existing rankings, bringing in organic traffic. Also, it is matured and no longer in the Google sandbox so anyone who wants to turn this into a money making venture can do so very quickly.

Anyone who has created websites before will know that half the battle is getting over the initial “getting traffic hump”.

The make money online is incredibly lucrative.

Domain - domain and website will be transferred to the successful buyer.

Have I done any negative SEO? - Absolutely not. All traffic comes from natural SEO. I targeted low-hanging fruit keywords and wrote informative and valuable articles.

I have not built any fake or paid for backlinks. Any links which I have are natural.

After Sale Support - I will be available and help as much as I can with any issues after purchase.

A Personal Note

I held onto this website for a lengthy time without updating it because it was one of my first websites and I did not want to see it go for sentimental reasons. But the time has come to let someone else take over and turn it into something work having.

This website needs some TLC and someone who wants to update it regularly.

If you have any questions then please PM me, happy to help in any way.

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Where is the site hosted?
Could you imagine lowering the price a bit?

hi, sorry. no longer available