About the Community Warnings category

Warn others about the potential and confirmed threats to keep our community safe. Please read our category rules before posting in this section.

Community Warnings Category Rules

This category is for warning other SWAPD members about potential or confirmed scammers, in order to protect our community. This isn’t the black book section, that category is reserved for the worst of the worst offenders. Please keep it civil and refrain from vulgarism or personal threats.

In this category you may:

  • Warn other members about potentials scammers and fraudsters.
  • Post their information that’s freely available online.
  • Show proof of wrongdoings.

In this category you may not:

  • Share photos of ID’s
  • Share personal photos of accused individuals.
  • Dox members (home address/phone)

In short, you are allowed to share things you’ve found online such as first/last name, emails, links to listings on other sites, and links to social profiles.